Three bike murals you don’t know about

If you live in Seattle, you likely know about the murals in the I-90 tunnel. But you probably haven’t seen these three hidden murals:

  1. Marketime Foods
    Marketime Mural MapFremont is well know for its three-day solstice celebration, which features a parade and a pre-parade of naked bike riders. Celebrating this annual glory is the mural on Marketime Foods on Fremont Avenue. Come enjoy the Fremont Solstice Fair June 17-19. The parade is on Saturday, 3pm, but come early to claim your spot among the crowds of spectators.
  2. Amazon Dog Park
    Amazon Mural MapJeff Bezos of is well-known as a dog-lover, encouraging his employees to bring their four-legged companions to work. So, it’s no surprise that Amazon built a public dog park amidst its South Lake Union campus with this beautiful mural.  The colorful imagery of construction and whimsy accurately describes Amazon’s aspirations and influence in the neighborhood. Find the mural in an “alleyway” along Thomas Street between Terry and Boren avenues.
  3. Washington Middle School
    WMS Mural Map with bikewayWhat appears to be the work of students, this mural at Washington Middle School in the Central District enlivens what would otherwise be a drab concrete wall separating the school from the Franz bakery to the west (mmm… the bread smells delicious). Right in the middle of the mural are two people biking along a path, the path connecting the phrase, “Building Unity in our Community.” If you’d like to ride along a great, unsigned bikeway route through the Central District, I highly encourage you to ride from the Spruce Street Mini Park, through the Dr. Blanch Lavizzo Park that has a great amphitheater, south to Washington Middle School where you will find the mural, through Judkins Park & Playfield along the Central Park Trail, and finally end at the Jimi Hendrix Park and I-90 Mountains-to-Sound Greenway Trail.

None of the murals are signed, so I don’t yet know the mural artists.  If you know the names of the  artists and how to get in contact with them, email me.  I’d love to interview them and post it here so we may all know what inspired them.

Now, go out and find the hidden murals in your neighborhood and city. Take a picture, let me know about it, and I’ll add it to your city’s “fun map” of bike art and other cool bike infrastructure.

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