Voters’ Comments on the #HappyBikeLanePeople Contest

The #HappyBikeLanePeople Contest was a really fun project for me.  Based on voters’ comments, it was fun for you, too!

Here are some of my favorite comments by voters:

Thanks for this! It really livens up the city.
— Tristan

Seems like there’s one for every neighborhood…
— Tom

. . . the Crocodile Cafe idea should be extended to long-term establishments all over town. If a business has been in the same location for more than 10 years (or 15, or whatever the appropriate threshold), their longevity should be celebrated (especially in a city changing as much as Seattle) with a custom bike lane person.
— Andreas

These are cute and have to be a cheap way of promoting and marketing bike lanes in Seattle.
— James

These are great. Make sure you have some that look like women and not only men.
— Kristina

Man that Octopus one has to be up and visible. Masterpiece.
— Henry

I hope this gets greenlit! So cool.
— Anthony

More octopuses are always a good thing.
— B

None of them should have helmets on.
— Glen

Biking should be inclusive. I love the signs that embrace that.
— Marion

Love sprucing up the bike lanes. Fun and will catch drivers attention to think of cyclists more as people.
— Corinne

I like to octopus!
— Jordan

These are awesome.
— Thadious

GIRL POWER!! Women and girls ride too, and need to be reminded that they deserve just as much space on the road as everyone else!
— Veronica

Love the idea of different riders for different areas!!!!
— Hilary

Love this and hope it happens!
— Sal

I hope we can use several of these!
— Merlin

Can’t we make them all happen?
— Vanessa

I love this whole idea.
— Lisa

I think different icons for different areas/neighborhoods would be brilliant. Pill Hill, Downtown, waterfront, Queen Anne, Ballard, Stadium district, Chinatown, zoo – maybe match with the LRT designations. When biking you’ll know where you are. If that’s unwieldy choose 1 icon and color code different areas.
— Carol

thank you for bringing more art to Seattle!
— Cathy

There are enough people on bike symbols in Seattle that all these could be used. One of the great things about riding in Portland, is the variety of decorated people on bike symbols. I don’t recall seeing any duplicates there, only originals.
— Sara

This is a great idea. As a regular rider, the generic rider gets boring. I like the idea of being able to identify an area by this system, since I’m often looking down anyway….
— Will

Love this. One of the bike culture things I miss from living in Portland.
— Ross



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