Bicycle Mechanic-in-Training, Aaron’s Bicycle Repair

Aaron’s Bicycle Repair seeks someone who wants to be professional bicycle mechanic as a career.


NO EXPERIENCE necessary.  However, you must be mechanically inclined.  We will find out fast if you are not and the job won’t be yours long!

You should be “into” bikes. Our shop is open to the customers so you should be comfortable with people watching you work. We are very friendly and goofy but still very professional.

You will learn to repair bicycle the right way from 2 very experienced mechanics.  Aaron has 30 years full time experience and Mikey has over 20!  But we still like to learn new things!

Our shop is a member of the PBMA.  You will be expected to do continuing education and lots and lots of reading homework.  If you don’t read and would rather watch youtube videos, then it probably won’t work out. Not to say they don’t have value, but you need to read! The internet is like the blind leading the blind we like to say. There are many instructional videos produced by manufactures and you will be expected to watch them and do the quizzes.  After your trial period, the shop will pay for your continuing education!  We are investing in you.

Just like Andy Newlands at Strawberry Bicycles gave me a chance back in 1987, this is your chance!

How to Apply