Professional Bicycle Mechanic, Aaron’s Bicycle Repair

Seeking a career mechanic who still loves to work on bicycles.

  • Excellent pay, starting at 40K per year 
  • Full Time position with 1 week paid vacation, 1 week sick time.
  • Two weeks paid vacation after 2 years.

 About You: 3-5 years full-time experience (not necessarily all paid, e.g. you have volunteered half time for 6 years). You must have built at least 20 wheels. You know A LOT about bikes but still learn something new every day. You are not a know it all and are not afraid to say, “I don’t know, let me find out.” Must not be afraid to look it up or read the instructions! You must be familiar with the small parts of a bike (or at least know where to look for info). You must be comfortable wrenching on department store bikes or Campy Record dream machines as well as everything in between.  You must work well with people and not mind if the customer watches you work. You are not introverted. We have an open-air shop and the customers often get close (we do ask them to stand back for safety, though).  You must be extremely organized, efficient and clean. Must be friendly and a good listener. Must be open to our way of bike repair, but we recognize there are often many ways to the same result.

About our shop: Aaron’s Bicycle Repair / Rat City Bikes is extremely professional, organized and clean shop. We have 3 fully equipped workbenches.  We have nearly every tool currently available (and for the last 50 years!).  If we do not have the tool, we will purchase it or manufacture it!  We have a Southbend 9” Lathe.  We use CycleFab for welding and machining beyond what can be done in the shop and work with several paint shops in the Northwest. We specialize in internally geared hubs. We service several per day. You will learn how to service them! We also work on many, many  kids bikes. We are friendly and kind to all peoples and genders.

Other Paid Benefits:

  • PBMA membership, training and continuing education
  • Online training while at work in the slow season (e.g. Shimano S-Tec)
  • Attend Frostbike or CABDA
  • Wholesale prices on parts and accessories for you and gifts for your immediate family.
  • Shop pays for lunch on Fridays.

Email cover letter and resume to

If you don’t have the experience we are looking for, we may still be interested in you as an apprentice.