All the #HappyBikeLanePeople Submissions

“Axel the Ballard Viking” — The submitter Chris Kaimmer wrote, “Axel is a shoutout to Old Ballard – the one that existed before the condos, fancy restaurants and a Patagonia Concept store (RIP Sunset Bowl and Ballard Denny’s). The Viking helmet taps into the Scandinavian heritage of the community and the bright “Ballard Red” sweatshirt will delight any Ballard High School grads who’ll recognize that color and the big B from their letterman jacket days. I love that “Axel” is a common Swedish name and “Axle” is a common bicycle part. For placement, I think Axel would look best on NW 45th street between Fred Meyers and the Ballard Bridge, right in the middle of the “missing link” of the Burke-Gilman trail, perhaps right next to ‘Lake Ballard.'”
Student Submission: “Venus — Goddess of Love”
Student Submission: “Traffic Light Person” — we bet this student would love it if the bike lane person could blink red, yellow, green.
Student Submission: Orange, Green and Blue — Florida Gator fan?
Trump Tweets. Submitted by the Seattle Department of Transformation
Student Submission: Girl Riding
Student Submission: “The different colors show that I am always in a good mood!”
Student Submission: Mermaid
Student Submission: Girl Riding Free #2
Student Submission: “Me” — What makes this person special? “Smile”
Student Submission: Girl Riding Free
“Roland Fish” — He likes tasty sushi from all of Seattle’s good Japanese restaurants. He lives downtown and frequently travels down the 2nd Ave bike lane. Submitted by Tom Vroman
Student Submission: “He’s special. He doesn’t like color.”
“Captain Salmon” — “They are anadromous!” Located on the Burke-Gilman Trail near the Ballard Locks. Submitted by Betsy Voelker
Student Submission: “My friend. We are very close”
“The Save” — Honoring Sounders Goalie Stefan Frei for all his amazing saves, especially “The Save” during the 2016 MLS Cup Championship. Submitted by Mark Ostrow
“Less Car Talk,” submitted by Mark Ostrow
“Pirate” — Honoring the Seafair Pirates, to be located on the Seafair Parade route or on the Alki Trail. Submitted by Mark Ostrow
Construction Dude, to be installed in one of many of Seattle’s construction zones. Submitted by Mark Ostrow.
Ballard Fisherman, to be installed on future Burke-Gilman Trail along Shilshole Avenue. Submitted by Mark Ostrow
“Womxn’s March” — Pink hats on all bike lane people on Jackson Street and Fourth Avenue from Judkins Park to the Seattle Center. Submitted by Brock Howell. Yes, the hat needs ears.
“Mermaid” — submitted by ENE, inc. employee
“High Viz Woman” — She loves sunlight and she celebrates summer solstice the whole year round. Rain? What rain. She would live in Fremont. Submitted by Diane Radholm.
“Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle” — “Silly, but when I hear this expression, I always imagine a fish on bicycle. This bike lane person is an illustration of that vision. Who doesn’t need a bicycle? Like the fish ladders that assist our piscine friends to make it upstream, protected bike lanes help this fish navigate uptown.” Submitted by Marlene Druker.
“Queen Anne” on Queen Anne Ave on Queen Anne Hill & in the Queen Anne Neighborhood. Submitted by Mark Ostrow, who lives on Queen Anne. Winner of “Best Place-Based Person” category.
“Go Dog Go!” to be placed near a dog park — submitted by Cathy Tuttle.
“Moose” — submitted by ENE, inc. employee.
“Russel Willows” — The submitter Stefan Hock wrote, “While the Emerald City sleeps, there is an underground Quidditch league that takes place. Ever wondered why there are so many cranes in Seattle? Well, it is because they hold the hoops while great Quidditch players such as Russel Willows and Clint Diggory zoom around the sky as top-tier Quidditch chasers. Open our eyes while biking and see the magic that happens in our city.” Winner of the “Most Whimsical” category.
“Mossback,” in honor of Knute Berger. Submitted by Mark Ostrow. Winner of “Best Real Person” category.
“Candy Cane Person” — submitted by ENE, inc. employee
“KUOW Listener” — Submitted by KUOW’s web producer Kara McDermott.
“Unicycler” — The submitter Melinda Mullins wrote, “Unicycling motivates me to explore my neighborhood, stay fit and hopefully bring a smile to others. I took up unicycling over three years ago after seeing Whittier Elementary students preparing to ride in the Syttende Mai Parade. I admired their skills and figured I’d join the fun.” Winner of the “Best Other Person” category.
“Sasquatch,” submitted by Mark Ostrow. Winner of “Best Mythical Creature” category.
Norm with Puppy & Kid — submitted by Jackson Brown. Winner of “Safe Routes to School” Category and runner-up for overall Community Choice Award.
“Dub the UW Husky” — submitted by Cathy Tuttle.
Student Submission: “Girl in a Hijab” — the student wrote, “My person is girl wearing a hijab … because I never seen a painting of girl with hijab.” Winner of Student category.
“Federal Investigator” — Located in downtown protected bike lane between FBI Seattle Division and U.S. Marshals Service. — submitted by Cathy Tuttle.
“Octopus,” to be installed in front of the Seattle Aquarium in the future two-way protected bike lanes that are part of the Seattle Waterfront Redevelopment. Submitted by Tom Lang.  Winner of Community Choice Award and “Best Animal” category.
“Bob” — The submitter Jessica Alano wrote: “Bob: A former coworker (named Bob), and his cat, who he often rode with. Regardless of the rain, Bob rode his bike to and from work everyday. He is special to the submitter because he was the one that made her fall in love with riding bikes for both pleasure and regular transportation needs. “Bob” should be near the Puget Sound Veterans Affairs Medical Center on Beacon Hill.” Yes, Bob rode with the cat. Winner of the “Best Story” category.
“Comicon Superwoman” — submitted by Cathy Tuttle
“Safe Routes to School” — submitted by Cathy Tuttle. 4th place overall for Community Choice Award.
“AC/DC Grunge Hipster” — submitted by ENE, inc. employee
“Rockin’ Croc,” to be located near The Crocodile (music venue on 2nd Ave). Submitted by Mark Ostrow. Winner of “Best Business People” category.
“Mr. Potato Head & Humpty Dumpty sit next to your favorite 24-hour breakfast spot” — submitted by Cathy Tuttle
“Michael Bennett,” Seattle Seahawk defensive end who leads on racial justice issues, loves bicycling, and biked around the field after winning the 2015 NFC Championship game. Submitted by Todd Voelker.
Student Submission: “The Destruction Bike Rider of Nightmares of Dragons and Robots and Laser” or “The Dystopia of Rainier Avenue” — The student’s mother (Diane Rudholm) wrote: “My kid picked up a little inspiration from this one at the start, and then he went off in another direction.”
Student Submission: Drawn by 8-year-old Seth, he told this story: “Once in the U District, Bob was riding his bike when his kid said ‘hey, a doggy!’  ‘What?,’ said Bob.  ‘Stop let’s take her home!!’, whined Bob’s son.  ‘Fine, fine’, said Bob, slowing.  The dog had a long nose and was pretty small.  ‘Okay we can take it home’, said Bob.  The end.”
“The Chief” — submitted by Marlene Druker, who wrote, “Manhattan’s famed Broadway started as a trail forged by Native Americans. I’d guess that many of our favorite pathways were initially tread by the First Peoples of America. My bike lane person, The Chief, is a reminder of those who traveled this land before it was paved. The Chief’s ceremonial headdress flows in the wind and the raven inspired art on the bike jersey reminds us that biking makes us feel as free as a bird.”
“Dia de los Muertos” — submitted by Cathy Tuttle.

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